What is TIGER BALM® OIL and when is it used?

TIGER BALM® OIL contains the active ingredients camphor, essential oils and also methyl salicylate. TIGER BALM® OIL therefore has a stronger effect than TIGER BALM® RED.

Due to its composition, TIGER BALM® OIL is best for the complementary treatment of:

  •  Rheumatoid, muscle and joint pain
  • Lumbago, back pain
  • Sports injuries such as sprains, muscle ache, strains and bruising

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For external use only. Can be used for children 6 years of age and older.

During pregnancy and breast-feeding, TIGER BALM® Oil should not generally be used. If it is used, then only for a short period of time, not over a large area of the body, and only if prescribed by a doctor.

Adults: Rub TIGER BALM® OIL into painful areas intensively 2-4 times a day for several days. Keep the affected areas warm with a woolen or cotton cloth.

This is an approved medicinal product. Read the package insert and seek advice from an expert.

100 g TIGER BALM® OIL contains:

  • Methyl salicylate 38 g
  • Menthol 8 g
  • Camphor 10 g
  • Eucalyptus oil 6 g
  • Spike Lavender oil 5 g
  • Auxiliary ingredients

Available in Swiss pharmacies and drugstores, without a doctor's prescription.